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Delivery and Professional Planting

We have planted many many trees. Our experience has allowed us to develop profession techniques that achieve results, trees that will thrive and flourish in your yard. From potted trees to large balled and burlapped tree we can take the hard work out of creating your beautiful yard. We have the equipment and man power to get the job done properly. If you just want your trees delivered we can also make that happen for you.

In our region, we firmly believe in staking newly transplanted trees. Too often we have seen trees that were doing really well encounter a terrible summer storm and end up blown over. We use stakes that allow the tree to still sway in the wind which helps to encourage the growth of a strong trunk and spreading roots.

Tree Moving and Removal

With our tracked skid steer equipped with a 54” tree spade we can safely move trees with a 5’’ caliper. The tracks provide very low ground pressure which help to minimize damage to your lawn. Moving trees can only be done in the early spring and late fall so please give us a call and we will come to your site to make a plan. Rest assured, if we can not ensure the tree’s survival we will not move it.

If you have a tree that is just not fitting in but you can not bear the thought of cutting it down we may be able to help. Given the right circumstances we can remove the tree intact and happily find a new home for it.

Tree Care and Arborist Services

If you have an unruly tree that is in need of some attention we can help with that. Pruning is part of everyday business at our nursery. We view pruning as an art form the we enjoy shaping trees into their most perfect form.

If you have a crooked or leaning tree we may have solutions to correct these issues. Please call us to arrange an assessment of your trees.


If you are uncertain of which trees to plant or where to plant them or what is the best spacing, we can help with this. We can meet with you, assess your yard, and get an understanding of your vision. From there we can provide our recommendations that will best suit your needs. We can build you a detailed blue print of the new yard. We can even build a digital 3D model of your yard and show you how the trees will look at the time of planting and how they will look at the time of maturity.

Yard Smoothing

Do you despise a patch of unlevel and bumpy grass in your yard? So do we and we have the equipment and experience to make this right. Please give us a call to arrange an assessment and quote.

Tree Advice

Do you have a tree that you just adore but suspect something is not right with it? We know a lot about trees and enjoy helping people keep their trees heathy. We are part of a community of many other arboriculture professionals. If we do not have an answer we have to resources to find it. Give us a call, we can have a look for you.

Stump grinding

Tired of looking at a nasty old stump taking up valuable space in your yard? We can take care of this issue for you in short order.