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Colorado Blue Spruce

The Colorado Blue Spruce is an exceptionally hardy conical shaped evergreen with densely growing horizontal branches and stiff short needles. The tree can range in colour from green to silvery blue simply due to genetic variation. They require no maintenance, are deer resistant and drought tolerant. Colorado Blue Spruce are an excellent choice for taming the wind and year round privacy. They are the most common and reliable evergreen planted in the region.

Scots Pine

The Scots Pine is a beautiful evergreen tree that thrives in our region. It is very hardy and will bring year around green to any garden setting. The tree grows a medium length green pine needle in bundles of 2 and displays a distinctive orange bark when mature. It grows symmetrically with a strong dominant leader when young and tends to fill out into and open round tree with age. Scots Pines are very versatile and can be planted for accent, shade or a shelter belt. This species was brought to North America from Northern Europe.