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Northern Acclaim Thornless

The Northern Acclaim Thornless Honey Locust is the hardiest of all honey locust cultivars. The tree features a stunning growth habit with horizontally tiered branches. It gives the first impression of being exotic looking for our region. The tree is considered to be drought and urban tolerant. It displays bright green foliage that changes to a golden yellow in the fall. The leaves are small and fern like (Pinnately and bi-pinnately compound) that offer a dappled shade to happy lawns below.

Russian Olive

The Russian Olive is the most drought hardy tree we can grow on the prairies. It was brought to North America by our pioneers as an ornamental tree for their homesteads. The tree is blessed with a silvery green foliage and small yellow flowers in the spring. It’s branches often grow handsomely gnarled and twisted. The leaves are small and velvety. The tree produces a small silver fruit that will persist on the tree over winter. The bark is known to peel as the tree ages. Recently, the tree has been persecuted for outcompeting native species in wild habitats. However, it is our opinion that the Russian Olive remains to be an unique and valuable member of our prairie gardens and green spaces.