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Bur Oak

Bur Oaks are an exceptionally long lived tree that with time can reach truly massive proportions. They are an excellent selection for making a statement or as a shade tree with some authority. Bur Oaks are best suited for large open spaces. They are the most cold tolerant of all the oaks. When young, they are known to have a corky bark and branches. Their large acorns are prized by wildlife and are quickly carried off by birds and small mammals. When you plant a Bur Oak tree, you are really planting a tree for future generations.

Ohio Buckeye

The Ohio Buckeye tree is an exotic looking medium sized tree that produces long bouquets of beautiful little flower clusters. They have very dense foliage that is early to leaf out. They are exceptionally cold hardy and require little maintenance. They have a slightly foul oniony odour when their foliage is crushed so the deer thankfully leave them alone! These trees are prolific produces of nuts which may annoy our more prim and proper tree owners. This messy quality can easily be mitigated by planing the tree with a mulched bed around the trunk which will simply welcome and absorb the fallen nuts.