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Adding a layer of mulch around the base of your tree is an excellent landscaping technique that provides numerous benefits. Just imagine a forest floor, they are always covered with organic matter composed of leaves, broken branches and decaying trunks. You will never find bare soil in the forrest. This is the environment trees evolved in. For your own yard, mulching the soil surrounding your trees provides the following benefits.

  • Suppresses weeds
  • Reduces the amount of water from the soil lost to evaporation
  • Prevents grass from competing with your trees roots for water and nutrients
  • Lowers soil temperature in the heat of summer which promotes healthier tree roots
  • Better insulates the tree roots from damaging low temperatures in the winter
  • Improves soil health be adding nutrients as the mulch decays
  • Helps to reduce wind erosion of light top soils
  • Creates a thriving habitat for mycorrhizal fungi which benefit trees by creating a symbiotic relationship
    in the sharing energy, water and nutrients
  • Improves astetics.

We have available:

  • Arborists mulch – locally sourced mixture of different tree species and consists of a small grind of bark,
    wood and foliage.
  • Medium Fir Bark – medium sized mixture of only bark which is of higher nutrient value and is longer
  • Fine Fir Bark – finely sized mixture of only bark which is of higher nutrient value and is longer lasting.

We can delivery mulch to your site, spread it if required, load it into your box or trailer at our farm and sell it to you in bulk bags. For large projects we can utilize our tracked skid steer equipped with a side discharge bucket to spread your mulch where you require. Please contact us for pricing. We will make it worth your time. Always remember to never pile mulch up against your tree trunks. This can create serious issues for your trees.

Watering bags

We carry Tree Gator Watering Bags. They are a professional grade product intended to take the guess work out of watering your newly planted trees. By far, they are a simplest and most care free way of ensuring your newly planted trees receive the proper amount of water to eliminate transplant  and drought shock.

The bags are incredibly easy to install and fill. They virtually eliminates run off and water lost to evaporation. Because of their slow soaking action they promote deep root growth. They are made from UV treated polyethylene for a long service life. They can be used on up to 100mm caliper trees and two bags can be joined together for even larger trees. Each bag holds about 15 gallons and empties in approximately 7 hours.

Please contact us pricing.

Staking Supplies 

Staking a newly planted tree is a critical part of our planting procedure. Unless the tree is planted in the most sheltered of areas, we highly recommend any newly tree is protected from extreme winds that surely will blow it over before its roots have spread and taken hold.

Properly staking a tree supports the tree against extreme wind loads but still allows the trees trunk to sway in the wind. We accomplish this by using flexible metal posts, fiberglass stakes, rubber  ties and arborist rope. These are profession grade supplies that help to obtain professional results.

Please contact us to discuss you specific needs, we will recommend our best solutions for your exact staking needs. 


After a tree has established its self, slow release fertilizes help the tree reach its maximum potential in terms of growth and health.

We offer a low cost fertilizer stakes and granular blends that are coated for a slow release over the summer months.

Please contact us for recommended application rates and pricing.

Trunk Protectors 

Trees and shrubs are ofter damaged by lawn mowers, string streamers, rabbits and deer. The problem is trees transport water, sugars and nutrients through cell layers called phloem that lie just under the bark. This means if your trees bark is seriously damaged, it can very easily perish. We have several differs products available to add protection to all your trees trunks. Please contact us for our best solution for your trees. 

Air Pruning Propagation Pots

If you are serious about gardening we have this cutting edge technology available from 3 different manufacturers. We are still trialling these products but so far our results have been very encouraging. They truly grow a superior tree.

Please contact us for further details.