Our trees are living organisms, they require a certain amount of care throughout their lives to remain healthy and flourish.
Rivendell Tree Farm has every confidence that our trees are of good health and quality when they leave our farm. The last thing we want is for our customers to be disappointed with a tree that does not survive. Given that our planting, watering and care requirements are met, in the unlikely event our tree does not survive; we will warranty the tree with a replacement or full refund for a period of one year from the time of purchase. We offer this in good faith knowing that our customers will be proud of and provide basic care for their new trees.
Our warranty does not cover the following most common causes of tree failure that in all honesty can not be blamed on the tree.
-The tree was not planted in accordance to our guidelines.
-The tree was not provided with sufficient amounts of water.
-The tree was left unprotected against the attacks of deer, rabbits and other animals or insects.
-The tree was planted in clay soil causing the roots to be forever water logged.
-The tree trunk was damaged by lawn mowers or trimmers.
-A leaved tree was not protected from extreme wind during transport.
-An act of God or vandalism.
From time to time we may grow exotic or fussy species for the advanced gardener. These trees will be sold with notice of them being on the fringe of our cold hardiness zone and will be offered with no warranty.