Who We Are

About Rivendell

Rivendell Tree Farm is situated in a broad valley along the South Saskatchewan River and adjacent to Galt Island. The farm started out as mostly barren pasture full of cacti, rattle snakes and even the occasional scorpion. After finding our bearings with the land we thought it wise to plant some trees. We didn’t have much back then, but in the spirit of our pioneer forefathers we did the best we could with what we had. That first year in 2015 we planted 80 trees. Boy oh boy did that seem like a daunting task. We had so many questions that were thankfully answered by our incredibly knowledgeable and helpful friends. Looking back, it was a pile of hard work but it was also quite a bit of fun and deeply rewarding. The following year we planted 100 trees and then 125 the next. Sure the deer got into a few arguments with some of those trees and the wind snapped a couple clean in two, but they all survived. Fed by the old river bottom soil, irrigated with water straight out of the river and bathed in some warm southern sunshine, those trees grew and grew. We could hardly believe how well they did and we sure knew we were on to something. 

Working as a father and son team, Rivendell Tree Farm has grown into a nursery with 12000 trees in over 55 different species. We are very proud to now send some of these trees off to their new homes.

Our Goal

Our goal is to cultivate a deep rooted business that will provide the good people of Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan with quality trees. Trees to provide shelter, beauty and food for our children and our communities. We are committed to providing care and service for our trees throughout their life cycle. This is our family farm, it is our passion to grow beautiful trees.

Our team

Dylan Lafferty

Atticus Lafferty

Mark Wever

Brock Edwards